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Feb 27 2013

the numbers game

i can’t even remember when i last posted, and i know the whole universe is hurtin’ because of it. don’t worry though, because i didn’t a.) jump off a cliff, b.) push a child off of a cliff and thus am facing multiple years in prison or c.) eat myself into a coma at buffalo wild wings. (PS: I am typing this while my kids take their benchmarks, and i just had to ask a kid if he was wearing a headband made out of a shoelace. “yeah,” he said. “why?”)

ANYWAY. i was drinking a margarita the other day and minding my own business when i began reflecting on the fact that we have dipped under the 100-day mark. what does that mean? it means that there are less than 100 days remaining, including spring break (hii), weekends, random professional development days, etc. in this whole thing. and by “thing” i mean hellacious, mind-bending, habit-forming [sorry, i can't finish this sentence because i just had to get up from my desk and search for the source of music coming from someone's headphones. i literally had to pull the headphones out from under a sweatshirt while the perpetrator repeatedly insisted that he wasn't listening to music] anxiety-ridden, hilarity-inducing two years. ┬áthat means i’ve spent some 630 days in this reality where yanking headphones out from underneath [someone else's] sweatshirt is NORMAL.

which i can’t even handle.

the number 630 scares the hell out of me because it is just…so…BIG. i can’t imagine i’ve ever done anything this insane for 630 minutes straight, much less days. i mean i generally watch about 10 hours of TV every sunday but that’s not the point.

though my brain is currently at least partly occupied by trying to convince kentrell that he does not, in fact, need to go to the bathroom because he does not, in fact, have a bladder problem stemming from his ADHD, i will try and break down some of what the last 630 days have been about, numerically

-number of days it took me to decide to do teach for america, even though i was afraid of oklahoma: <1

-number of kids in my first period class, day 1: 33

-number of desks in my first period class, day 1: 20

-number of times taylor swift has appeared in some form in my lessons: 12

-number of non-productive exasperated statements re: unacceptable behavior (such as, “REALLY?”, “SERIOUSLY?!”, and “I ABSOLUTELY KNOW YOU ARE JOKING RIGHT NOW.”) i make per hour: 12

-number of times i’ve stopped class to laugh at something ridiculous: 31

-number of times i’ve stopped class to cry about something: 2

-number of girlfights broken up: 3

-average number of years of reading growth: 2.2

-number of times i’ve wanted to quit: 374

-number of times i believed i was actually going to quit: 0

-number of times i’ve had to repeat directions at least twice: 431,432,329

-number of sporting events at which i’ve embarrassed kids by being an overzealous fan: 9

-number of referrals written: 245

-number of times i’ve said “no.”: 438,762

-number of times i’ve said “the answer is no. it was no a few minutes ago, it is no now, and it will be no again.”: 238

-number of hugs received per day: 12

-number of times i’ve chased after kids in the hallway because i want them to love me: 48

-number of hormone-induced manic valentine’s days survived: 2

-number of serious relationships sacrificed: 2

-number of days i would consider “okay”: 145

-number of days i would consider “good”: 55

-number of days i would consider “great”: 4

-number of things i regret saying or doing: 527

-number of things i didn’t know existed until i started here: 1,032

-number of times i would do this again without knowing what i know now: 0

-number, on a scale of 1 to 10, of how worth it this is: 10




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  1. Kate Fol

    Feel ya. First year as a first grade teacher over here in NC. Many days are unbearable. Some are ok. Few are great. ALL are absolutely exhausting. Unfortunately, since I majored in this. No end is in sight.

  2. Carolyn Wilkinson Taylor

    You ARE amazing!

    Your Mother’s friend,

    Carolyn Taylor

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